My Name is Michal Mudrik and I was born in Jerusalem.

From a very young age I enjoyed looking at buildings, wandering around them and taking their photos. My Grandmother Shifra used to call out loud "Hello home" every time she got back to it as if it was a person, and indeed I believe that houses have a soul.

From my point of view, architecture is a platform for experiences and interactions between people. The challenge is the creative combination of functionality with beauty and aesthetics. I dedicate a lot of thought in the integration of the different aspects, and achieve this by creative solutions, simplicity and passion for the profession.

I believe in sustainable architecture and combine green elements in my designs. The resources of Nature are abundant: wind directions, natural light and local materials are the best choices to incorporate in the design.

I have a B.Arch degree and an M.A of arts from the University of Tel-Aviv. I have a degree in Principle sustainable building from the Technion.

Today I focus in designing private houses, offices, leisure and interior design of apartments.

The design process is meant to take your desires and dreams and turn them into reality. I believe that my role is to guide you through the design process so that at the end of the day it has your unique signature according to your taste, style and budget.

I'll be happy to meet you!!


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